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Blog posts must be stored in the source/_posts directory and named according to Jekyll’s naming conventions: YYYY-MM-DD-post-title.markdown. The name of the file will be used as the url slug, and the date helps with file distinction and determines the sorting order for post loops. test image Octopress provides a rake task to create new blog posts with the right naming conventions, with sensible yaml metadata.


Capstan is a tool for packing, shipping, and running applications in VMs Although at a very early phase, Capstan is already usable on Linux/KVM.

We have many plans for Capstan, here are few of them:

  • Allow image manipulation, upload images to the repository
  • Support repository search
  • Port Capstan to Windows and Mac
  • Support more HV, like VirtualBox, VMWare and cloud providers like EC2 and GCE
  • Your idea hereā€¦

Check out Capstan project on Github